Sharing is Caring

S1E5 - Tinder and a Blanket Fort in New Zealand

Recruiting a new Unicorn from Tinder

2 years ago

Recruiting a new Unicorn from Tinder

Welcome to Episode 5 of Sharing is Caring the podcast!

We are Kiwi and Cherie, a New Zealand and French couple living in London.

We are finally back from our holiday in New Zealand! After being home for a week, the jetlag is fading but Kiwi's NZ accent is still strong.


Neither of us had ever used Tinder before, so while in Dunedin we decided to download and try out Tinder for the first time with a couples profile. We were lucky enough to meet a beautiful single woman who shared some of the same interests as us... Blanket forts!

Continuing the Journey

For this portion of telling our story we talk about inviting "Tina" and "Josh" over to our flat for a bit of soft fun. Cherie's favourite part was definitely the massage with coconut oil at the end.

Listener Question

We answer a question submitted by a friend of ours:

I’m single and want to get into the swinging scene and want to meet up with couples to play, but I don’t want to just be seen as a kind of novel for couples to use without considering my feelings.

Feel free to get in touch or to submit a listener question for future episodes.

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