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S1E3 - Our first trip to Rios naturist spa

Pasta, Friends, and Bisexuality

2 years ago

Pasta, Friends, and Bisexuality

Welcome to Episode 3 of Sharing is Caring the podcast!

We are Kiwi and Cherie, a New Zealand and French couple living in London.

In this episode we start out by discussing the episode of BBC 4 Womans hour podcast which came out on 11th Feb 2019 entitled Nelson Mandela's PA, Sewing, Porn in which they discuss the recent law changes in the UK surrounding pornography and so-called obscene acts. A transcript of our conversation and link to the episode can be found at the bottom of the show notes.

For our catchup portion we talk about the "social" we attended last Saturday where we were the only couple (other than the organisers), and pole dancing.

We then continue our story about our journey into the lifestyle. This time we discuss our first visit to Rios, a naturist spa in London which has couples night on Saturday.

This episode we have our first real listener question!:

We've been thinking about this for a while now and both want it and talking to you and your podcast has made us so much more confident to try it soon. I would love to know more about Kiwis bi experiences when swinging. I am nervous about my bicuriosity being obvious or a problem as so often only the woman is expected to be bi in foursomes.

Kiwi talks briefly about being a bisexual man in the lifestyle and we decide to dedicate an episode to the topic.

Feel free to get in touch, and to submit a listener question for future episodes.

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  • Intro/outro: "Once have I" by Boogie Belgique, Licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Porn Law changes transcript

I was listening to yesterday’s episode the BBC woman's hour podcast on the way home from work this evening and they did a segment a recent law change in the UK where the laws surrounding porn showing so-called obscene acts has been relaxed.

Under the previous law, obscene acts included things like Female Ejaculation, BDSM and Face-sitting, which is absolutely crazy.

The major change is that Crown Prosecution Service are no longer defining what is classified as obscene and have removed all examples. In a statement, they said “It is not for the CPS to decide what is considered good taste or objectionable”. Instead the guidance will give criteria which any potentially objectionable material will be evaluated against. The four main criteria are: the likely audience is not under 18 it is not otherwise linked with other criminality no serious harm is caused, whether physical or otherwise it features consenting adults, where the provision of consent is made clear where consent may not be easily determined from the material itself

The last point is really the one which really matters: it features consenting adults, where the provision of consent is made clear where consent may not be easily determined from the material itself

Now, this isn’t just a win because it allows people to produce and consume porn which reflects their identity and desires, but as Pandora Blake, a self identified performer and porn producer who was interviewed on the podcast mentions, it mean that mainstream porn producers will need to start to show the performers giving and even negotiating consent. This is already something which is a lot more common for kink producers, but at the moment it’s not really part of mainstream porn.

Anyway, I don’t want to spend the whole podcast talking about the social impact of consent in porn, so I’ll stop now. It’s a short 10 minute segment at the beginning of the episode with a debate, it’s worth listening to, I’ll put the podcast info into the show notes, go check it out after you finish listening.

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