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S1E4 - Let's go back to Rios

Visiting a nudist beach and returning to Rios

2 years ago

Visiting a nudist beach and returning to Rios

Welcome to Episode 4 of Sharing is Caring the podcast!

We are Kiwi and Cherie, a New Zealand and French couple living in London.

This episode was pre-recorded because we are going on holiday to New Zealand for a few weeks! I'm actually typing up these show notes right before we run out the door to the airport.


We talk about the anti-Valentine's day social/meet and greet we went to last Thursday at which we met a single man who we have been messaging.

Continuing the Journey

For this portion of telling our story we talk about two parts of our journey. First, visiting a nudist (several times) beach near Komiža in Croatia. Secondly, we recount our second visit to Rios at which we met and played with another couple.

Listener Question

We answer a question submitted by an anonymous listener:

Recently my partner and I have been talking about opening our relationship. I’m interested in getting into the lifestyle and my partner is trying to get there, but they want to go gently. What’s the best way to go about setting up something very gentle or introductory for a first experience?

Feel free to get in touch, and to submit a listener question for future episodes.

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